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”Amniotic Glow”
Chikashi Kasai Photobook

3,850JPY|261×258㎜|64 Pages | Hard cover
Art Director : Kanta Sezaki


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Chikashi Kasaii × Manami Usamaru's earnest desire for photos
All-Nude Photobook "Amniotic Glow"

A photographer who has a reputation for bringing out the charm and personality of women, and who hopes to take a picture as if to take inspiration one day, he chose to stay calm in order to take care of himself as it is. Model Manami Usamaru. This photobook "Amniotic Glow" contains three photo sessions, two in instinct by photographers, once in 2014 and twice in 2019. Usamaru who described Kasai, who has photographed many women as a "rare subject with charm that cannot be described in mediocre words". "Amniotic Glow" is a photobook that have an important meaning in the history of Kasai's photography. It is also the first all-nude photobook for Usamaru, who is expanding her range of activities as an actress not only in models but also in movies and theaters, and is a monumental work. Please fully enjoy the love and hard work of photography that are common to both of you.



1970年東京生まれ。写真集「Tokyo Dance」(1997年、新潮社)、「Danse Double」(1997年、フォトプラネット)、「波珠」(2001年、青幻舎)、「KARTE」(2010年、Noyuk)、「東京の恋人」(2017年、玄光社)、「となりの川上さん」(2017年、玄光社)、「トーキョー ダイアリー」(2019年、玄光社)、「七菜乃と湖」(2019年、リブロアルテ)などがある。

Chikashi Kasai Photographer
Born in Tokyo in 1970. "Tokyo Dance" (1997, Shinchosha), "Danse Double" (1997, Photo Planet), "Pearl" (2001, Seigensha), "KARTE" (2010, Noyuk), "Tokyo Lovers" (2017, Genkosha), "My neighbor's Ms. Kawakami" (2017, Genkosha). ”Tokyo Diary”(2019,Genkosha), “Nananano: From the lakeside she emerged”(2019, Libro Arte)




Born April 16, 1992. Debuted as a 2014 nude model. In April 2017, Genkosha released her first photobook, "Everything will be alright", and photo exhibitions held in Tokyo, Osaka and Taiwan. Currently, she is used in various genres such as fashion, beauty, MV appearances and jacket photo models as well as nude. Since the stage "Ghost" in 2016, she has been an actress, and has been active in the movie "Three Mornings" (4th Fuji and Lakeside Film Festival 2018 Short Film Leading Actor Award), "ANTIPORNO", "Sisterhood", "Futari ", "Ripples".